More about us

We set the highest standards for our technical and management advice. We recognise the importance of the implementation of the principle of ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable). We are driven by continuous improvement, which is embedded in all aspects of our work. Ours is a strive for excellence and innovation.

Risk avoidance is better than remediation. We support that process through the provision of our expert advice. However, we place equal importance on the development and delivery of training appropriate to the requirements of your job role and those of your team. Many water quality incidents have their origin in a lack of appreciation of the factors affecting water quality risks. This can in part be addressed through the provision of training courses.

In addition to serving our clients, we believe in an obligation to serve society, which we have exercised through our participation in Department of Health working groups (e.g. for HTM.04), the Water Technical Platform of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management, and our interactions with academia and regulators.